The massive storm has ended. Your home, or business, is flooded. Drying your building, and your possessions, NOW is job #1. The longer the water lingers, the more you lose and the cost of repair and replacement skyrockets.


We specialize in flood recovery services and drying out your property. 


Crystal Clean offers professional water mitigation services, which seek to reduce the long-term damage caused by a water related disaster in your home.

Water damage is progressive, meaning items may become permanently damaged if emergency response is delayed past the first 48 hours after a disaster.


In the event of flood damage, do the following:

Stay calm! Call Crystal Clean at 866.837.2662

Make sure the water source is turned off. This will help contain the damage.

Turn off the breaker in the damaged area before you unplug or remove any electrical devices located on the wet carpet.

Place aluminum foil under the legs of any furniture which is in contact with wet carpet. This might help prevent furniture stains on your carpet.

Lift draperies away from wet carpet.

Pin up upholstered furniture skirts which may get wet.

Remove books, shoes, paper goods, fabrics, potted plants, and other items which may stain wet carpet.


Do not attempt the following:

Don’t use your home vacuum, since electrical shock may result, as well as certain damage to the equipment itself.

Don’t place newspaper in traffic areas to walk on, since newspaper ink transfers easily to the wet carpet fibers and may result in permanent staining.

Don’t walk on carpet any more than necessary. This will keep the damage from spreading to unaffected areas.

Although you might be tempted to use a shop vacuum or call a company that only has equipment to dry carpet, you should consider that water will wick up walls and travel under base molding and sill plates. It will penetrate through floor coverings into sub-floors, even causing damage to rooms below.

In addition, if humidity inside the structure is not controlled, items that were not damaged from the original flood damage could be damaged as a result of absorbing moisture from the air. Structures that are not dried out quickly and properly can become a food source for mold growth which may require professional mold removal.